Saturday, July 10, 2010

Worldwide BP Protest Day: Virtual Laugh-In (New Delhi)

I spent a LOT of time earlier this week explaining in a somewhat uncharacteristically serious tone the reasons I don't like the Indian government's plan to cut fuel subsidies and decontrol the price of petrol. Still I don't want to give you the impression that I'm fan of Big Oil!  I just don't like schemes that result in massive transfers of wealth from poor people to rich people.

In fact, I'd decided to make my feelings about Big Oil clear by unilaterally declaring this past Thursday, "Make-Fun-of-BP Day." Then, just before I hit the Publish Post button, I learned that today, Saturday, July 10 had already been declared, "Worldwide BP Protest Day!" Not wanting to go against the grain needlessly, I moved my post to be part of the action, as it were.

So today at the Dhaba, we are hosting a virtual New Delhi Laugh-In Against BP, as part of the Worldwide BP Protest Day!  If you are looking for a real world event, sorry I don't know of any in South Asia yet, but there is a list of events here.

To prepare for the Laugh-In, my kids and I did some internet research into the BP situation.  And we found there are a lot of people making very funny videos about BP.  I've always enjoyed making fun of bad guys, so today I'm linking you to the funniest BP videos that we could find.

If these videos don't get you laughing, I don't know what will!:
Here is my 10 year old's favorite: this explains where BP gets it's best ideas.

Here is another very funny video that is getting millions of hits: BP Spills Coffee. Tip:Amruta Patil

Here are some BP commercial spoofs that made us laugh out loud at least once:

If you don't like videos, here are the entrants in a contest Greenpeace held to redesign BP's logos.

And you really want a serious analysis of what BP means in an Indian contex, read this post:

Finally, for the record, here is what the real Tony Hayward looks like in action


  1. HIlarious...I didn't realize folks had taken it to this level. And the very first one-love the scientists...and their idea about the star wars figures...definitely my favorite one.

  2. @Bhagwad and Jaime: Thanks for stopping by. I like Star Wars action figures also. And the coffee spill and the rich fish...spreading wealth around!

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