Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dhaba's Commonwealth Games Page Up

We're taking the weekend off here at the Dhaba.  But last week, we did one thing we like quite a bit.  We put our best Commonwealth Games material all in one place. It's right here on our CWG page.  If you are looking for an alternative take on the Commonwealth Games, this is the place to go.  In addition to seven of our best CWG essays, you'll find a few of the links we think are most important from other places.  We'll add to it as we go, so send us stuff and well put it up!

As the Games approach, the media is beginning to look at the issue more critically.  Last week, we pointed out that large international sporting events do not always pay off for their host countries.  Yesterday, I saw two print media articles that made the same point.  It's good to see this discussion.  It's not really a question about whether the Games will fail or not as an entertainment event. But it's important that we see learn something from the.Games as an investment/development strategy.  Cheer leading will not get us to that understanding. Being critical might.


  1. Let's see. The reactions and success/failure of the CWG will ensure that the government learns some lessons for next time.

    But for our country's image's sake, I hope it's not a cock up!

  2. @Bhagwad: I'm glad all the road work is just now getting done; it never lasts long, given the quality of construction and the strength of the monsoons! The Games are going to happen without embarrassment; that is my sense. The main venues will be complete, the airport will work. The problems that may happen will come in what has NOT been done. That will be a discussion that may last years, as perhaps it should. We'll see.

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