2G: The Latest Big Scam 
More and more it seems that 2G and CWG have more in common than their catchy sounding acronyms.

Why leak the Radia Tapes? It's time to talk motive
2G Spectrum Scam: how much is Rs 1.76 lakh crore?(A lot more than most of us can imagine.
Art, corruption, and how you can do good deeds while using the public coffers like an ATM

Questioning the Commonwealth Games:
At the Dhaba, we think that the real cost of the Games cannot be measured in rupees, dollars or pounds.  The real price we've paid has had more to do with our willingness to publicly embrace a  perversion that has long been present in our priorities: the CWG have served as an excuse to put off spending on things like schools, housing and clean water, and to invest instead in things the urban middle and upper classes seem to value most--transportation, unsustainable consumption, and projects that make our city look good to outsiders. 

You might not like all of our conclusions, but we think you'll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive set of posts on this topic.