Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art, corruption, and how you can do good deeds while using the public coffers like an ATM

 What do Priya Sebastian and Ratan Tata have in common? 
Not very much, it seems.

I really should be writing about the Radiagate and the 2G scandal. There's so much to say. But we have to be careful: the Supreme Court is urging us to take care not to tarnish the images of those caught on tape talking with Ms. Radia.  The Supreme Court is probably right; after all, they  were moved to action by Mr. Clean, Ratan Tata. I mean, here's a guy who's recently made much of the dangers of 'crony capitalism.'  So he must be honest.  Plus, he's got loads and loads of money, and is not afraid to put it to all kinds of uses.

But having said that, maybe honesty is overrated--I mean what's wrong with using the public coffers like an "ATM" as long as you are a "doer"? At least that's what the illustrious former head of the Confederation of Indian Industries, Tarun Das, seems to think; he was allegedly quoted on the tapes saying, among other things, “You can do national service and also make money… and do really something worthwhile here.”  

Maybe he has a point: I mean don't servants--even public servants--deserve to be paid for their hard work? Read the exchange between Das and Radia here, if you have any questions. I don't-- I'm convinced: the rot is deep, and it will take some strong medicine to cure it. And in case you have any doubt about the extent to which we've all been robbed, read our piece about what we could have done with the 1.76 lakh crore lost in the 2G giveaway. It's almost unbelievable.

If you live in Bangalore and need a break from pervasive stink--or should we say scent--of corruption, why not go check out Priya Sebastian's exhibition? She's pretty amazing, and if I had a train ticket south and a week to spare, I'd be there for sure. If you can't get to Bangalore, you can see some of pRiYa's stuff over at the Plum Tree2Here's a recent post I love, only partly because green is my favorite colour.


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