Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dhaba Dos and Don'ts

Before I started the Dhaba, I sought the advice of a few bloggers I like.  Most said roughly the same thing: write well; post regularly; be patient.  In addition to this, one said that she’d found it helpful to stop every so often and write about the blog itself.  Somebody else said, “don’t forget to take a break once in a while.”  So that’s what I’m doing this week: writing a short post about the Dhaba; and taking a little time off to enjoy the monsoon and take care of other sorts of business.

Here at the Green Light Dhaba, we do our best to serve up fresh green thinking two—and usually three times a week.  Of course, the word green means a lot of things to a lot of people.  The shade of green we like here at the Dhaba looks good on things that are sustainable and fair.  Here's a little more about what we do and don't think!

We don’t think we have all the answers.
We don’t write things down without thinking about them first.  
We do expect to make mistakes.

We don’t like toxic things, like corruption and poisonous substances.

We do like technology and new ideas--sometimes.  But we think low-tech is often the best kind of greentech.

We don’t like development that puts flyovers and stadiums in front of housing and clean water.

We do think symbolism matters.
We don’t like greenwash.

We do fear climate change.  
We don’t think denial  is a way to solve problems.

We don’t believe in development strategies that depend on the overconsumption of a few and the hunger of millions.
We do think healthy farms matters more than moon shots.

We are not perfect.  
We don’t expect you to be perfect.
We do believe it is important for all of us to try to do better.

We do believe many big problems have simple solutions.
We understand that simple is not the same as easy.
We don’t believe most big problems have easy solutions.  
We do believe our children need to learn how to think critically or they will never figure out how to solve difficult problems simply.

We don’t believe endless growth is possible on a finite planet.  
We do believe many of us will have to learn to do with less if everyone is going to have enough.
We believe in essays and poetry.  
We don’t run ads.  

We write to figure things out, to change minds, to be read.

We believe many voices matter more than one voice.

We don’t believe one voice matters much, but it might matter some.

How do you think we're doing?

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  1. We like the Dhaba, unfortunately, we stay pretty busy with life and don't get to visit as often as we like.

  2. @Thurman, Thanks. Life does get busy, no?


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