Thursday, July 8, 2010

Help Wanted: The Dhaba is Hiring

Before we start, two quick action alerts:
First, please sign this on-line petition against an environmentally damaging project in Orissa.
Also, petitions by  Greenpeace and others have led to public consultation on the dangerous Nuclear Liability Bill.  Now Greenpeace is sending an open letter to the Parliamentary Standing Committee in charge of changing the Bill. Please sign this open letter today itself, as the Committee needs to hear from you by this Friday (tomorrow).
For the last 10 months, we've been posting fresh green stuff from Delhi every Tuesday, every Thursday, and most Saturdays.  That, my friends, adds up to a lot of essays, a lot of photos, a lot of links.

We don't have nearly as many readers as India Today or Outlook. But it's a good bet that we have more interesting readers than either of them.  Business is good, and word is spreading; our stuff gets passed around and reposted all the time.  Just this week, a piece we ran in February is being highlighted at asia! MagazineOne of our posts about schools ran in the 1st Quarter 2010 issue of Mindfields.   We've got a lot more good stuff prepped and ready to go.  Still, we think variety is one of the things that makes life interesting, so we'd like to run more writing from more people!  We won't pay any money.  You are unlikely to become much more famous than you already are. But you will get to say something interesting to interesting people.

We don't have a well-articulated editorial policy and we don't follow a particular political line. We are working for a sustainable, just future.  What that means, and how we get there, is an open question.  We are not looking for cookie-cutter pieces designed primarily to sell products or bring traffic to a business, though we are happy to run original stories about green businesses.  Here are some more specific ideas:

Guest Posts: If you like to write, and you care about an environmental issue deeply, why not send us something?  You can see examples of what others have done on our Voices Page.

Photo Essays: If a picture's worth a thousand words, just think of the value of a photo essay! We don't do nearly enough with nature here as we should.  And there's no reason the Dhaba has to be so Delhi-centric. All you need are a few photos that suggest an idea. The words are optional.  For an example of some of the photo essays we've run so far, look here.  But there are many other forms and formats for this kind of post. In fact, you might experiment with a "single shot" approach, like the column Ravi Agarwal has had in First City for years.

Best Dhabas in Delhi Series: Is there a food cart, tea stall, dhaba or dive that you just love?  Why not send us a photo and a guest review.  Low-tech is greentech and dhabas are always more environmentally friendly than 5 Star restaurants.  We've just got one review up here so far, but more are coming.  Help us add to the list!

Reviews: If reading books is your thing, why not push yourself a bit further and actually write a green book review?  If you like films, why not write a film review?  Or art! Writing about something nearly always results in you learning more than you would have otherwise. Here are the reviews we've run so far at the Dhaba.

Interviews:  Why not interview a green activist or leader you know or admire?  It's not as difficult as you think, if you do it electronically.  Just write up a list of questions and shoot off the email.  Ask them for a photo to make it look nice!  I love the interviews we've run so far.  Help us get more!

Other Stuff: You may have a completely different idea.  Try us! You could also send us a link to a great video, or a letter to Hari Batti, Agony Uncle.

You can contact us by writing  We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Love your work. A tribe that well ought increase logarithmically.

  2. I insist, Chef Batti, that in addition to hiring at the Dhaba, you should hire your services around the green spaces of the computerwebs. I'd bet you could rustle up some tasty vittles for other folk, too.

  3. @Plastic-Hey nice to see you around here. It's a good idea; we'll see. But cooking for one place is keeping me pretty busy!

  4. guys you are great i like your world-view. i am not a young one, already 67 years but i find rarely people of similar thinking in my age group and particularly amongst older women. anyhow i hope to keep in touch with you. best of everything, asha

  5. @Asha, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you around here often!

  6. good going hari. enjoy the break and recharge your batteries the green way!

  7. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative..

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