Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tourist Guide: Gandhi Fellow Kabir Arora takes a trip to the pink city

In this report, Kabir Arora leaves the village for a weekend and goes to the pink city.  Returning, he reflects on the power of imagination.

Tourist Guide
The journeys are always tempting. For me it always has been a rejuvenating experience. I visited Jaipur during the third weekend of my stay in the Jaitpura. First proper visit to the pink city. I visited all the touristy sites, which I used to explore in my childhood by flight of imagination. 

I thought my students need the same stimulation factor. Bought a guide book which had beautiful pictures of different parts of Rajasthan. Next day (Monday), class started with the session on reflection. Sharing what all we did on Sunday. Many of them visited Gudha on Sunday. The only places known to them are Jhunjhunun, Udaipurvati, Jaitpura and Gudha. I shared my experiences of Jaipur- an alien city. I showed them the photographs of places having historical importance which I visited. They were amused to see the big city. 

After looking at the photographs they used to turn their faces towards me, a question mark on their head. I used to tell them about their location, importance etc. Curiosity created. Mukesh commented on the photograph of Jaipur market “Jaipur maan kitne log”. In my imagination, I visited Jaipur with them again. Pink city is not that pink, but the cheeks of my kids were pink with glow after the round of the capital.
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