Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guest Post: Journey Just Begun, by Kabir Arora

Kabir Arora is well known among Delhi environmentalists for his tireless activism. He's now begun a two year Gandhi Fellowship working in village schools and communities.  Here's the first of his updates.

Last year around September-October, I was struggling with a question, “What to do after Graduation?”. Personally wanted to take a break and move away from everything. Exploring “New Time and Space” was something, I was looking forward to. Luckily came to know about Gandhi Fellowship, applied for it. Gandhi in the “fellowship programme” attracted me. Now I'm here in Udaipurvati for Learning Quality induction, Jaitpura is my school.

Gandhi said “India lives in villages” and he left to find “India”. My journey is to find him and follow his footprints on the sands of time. Got a glimpse of his in my school, where kids are all set to explore new dimensions. They are small but with big dreams of mingling with the high mountains, deep seas. Make the world a better place to live, that's what Gandhi wanted. Every day I see him smiling in my classroom!

“Every kid has an adult in him/her, and every adult has a kid in him/her”, once a statement made by someone. I observe it, with every passing day. Students help me to unlearn and see the world with innocent eyes full of curiosity. I used to love silence but my class is always chaotic--the chaos which has a silence of innocence. “Am I becoming a good teacher?”, No! Kids are creating a facilitator out of me to help them in studying the lessons of life. Life which will lay the foundation of humane society.

The words here are not mine, but the dreams of Pawan, Hansu, Pramod, Sunil, Virendar, Garima...

Journey has just began!

Rangon Ka Ek Indradhanush Le, Chale Hamara Kafila...


  1. Will look forward to updates.

  2. Dear Kabir master ji,
    Would you enroll a grey haired 52 year old child for a day in your class for I want to delearn the physics that taught me that the apple drops from the tree on the ground because of gravitational pull which contradicts what my mother taught me that it is grace of God that makes the apple fall on the ground. I know my mother was TONS ahead of all the NEWTONS of modernity.
    -- Aapka bhavi shishya Rakesh Bhatt

  3. So,you are on your journey to explore the real "Kabir" in you.Best of luck. By the way, where is this "Udaipurvati". I would like to visit this vilage.

  4. Dear Rakesh Ji,

    I want to meet you too. The past one was postponed for some or other reason. Udaipurvati is in Jhunjhunun district but now based in Churu village Lohsana Chhota Under Gandhi Fellowship programme.

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