Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's to love about Delhi? Public Art, Bookaroo, Pride Parades!

Every year around this time, I'm reminded of why I like Delhi so much. Here are three things I did for fun over the past few days--all of them free, and none of them involving consumption of useless stuff.

1. Public Art: I confess, I'm a little ambivalent about the Project Bandaloop dancers that the American Center brought to Delhi on Friday.  They performed hanging from the Jeevan Bharati LIC Building in CP. Did their dance glorify this huge, unsustainable building? Or was it just amazing art?  Like many people, I watched the action from a construction site on outer circle. Yes, CP is still torn up in places.  There was a guy throwing up not far from us, which didn't add much to the ambiance. But the dance was spectacular, and my kids thanked me for bringing them.

Delhi's full of great public art. Keep your eyes out for Transportraits: Women and Mobility in the city.  I saw it last week at the Alliance Francaise, and you should see it if comes back. Most of us greens care about transportation, of course.  And transportation is no good unless it's safe--for everyone.  See this exhibit. Very enlightening.

2. Bookaroo.  This annual literary festival for kids just keeps getting better. Great authors, great books and a general celebration of reading and thinking.  My kids love Bookaroo! If you missed this year's festival, go get on their mailing list for next year.

3. DehliQueer Pride Parade: The annual Delhi pride parades are just plain fun.  We took the family.  Why not? Love is a family value and most kids can understand that freedom to love is a pretty important freedom.  And that if we let one group get picked on, then nobody is safe.  

Last Sunday's march was big and colourful--it was a celebration and an assertion. It was serious and tongue in cheek all at once. Like this old-new chant, to be said loudly, with a smile: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Homo, Hetro: Bhai Bhai!

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