Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photo Essay: Tree Mirrors by Salil Chaturvedi

You'll stop seeing your soul reflected on these,
So, go out and hang some mirrors on your trees.
       --Salil Chaturvedi



Salil Chaturvedi blogs at saliloquy.

For more green photo essays, go see the Dhaba's Photo Essay page.


  1. Congrats Salil,

    Your working tree project is looking very good!

  2. drakhat ki nazar se dekh bandhe
    saadiyon ka sach chupa hai
    aaina to tera roop saawarta hai
    meri nazar se dekh
    teri duniya sawar jayegi

  3. @Salil, There are so many things I like about this essay. Each time I look at it, I see something new--thanks for sending it. And good to see you here Ravi and Orangels.

  4. Fabulous Salil. What an eye you have! loved the photo with the fancy chair.

  5. Amazing photo essay. Good to reflect on minor things which we just ignore while moving around.

  6. Profound stuff, Salil. The tree bends, the mirror bends, man bends.

    ........Jose Lourenco

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