Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Special: Bt Brinjal Fast and GM Food Links

Association for Indian Development is asking us to fast today to show our opposition to BT Brinjal. By fasting privately, we can clarify our  own thinking; by fasting publicly, we encourage others to clarify their thinking. You can join the list of us fasting and find out more at AID-Fast to stop BT Brinjal.  If you are unable to fast, you can light  candle.  Either way, sign the petition.  
Here are some more links:
Indian Youth Climate Network's tells Jairam Ramesh what they think about Bt Brinjal.
Sujatha Byraven explains why being against genetically modified (GM) plants does not mean one is against science.  
Devinder Sharma on the Bt Brinjal fast
Need a novel to read while you fast? The Beast with Nine Billion Feet, which we reviewed earlier this week, raises a lot of interesting questions about genetic science.
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