Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Special: Snacks and Leftovers

Happy Diwali and welcome to The Green Light Dhaba, Delhi's only "virtual dhaba." We serve up fresh thinking on the environment, the economy, and justice every Tuesday and Thursday.

On Saturday's we serve
snacks and leftovers. In the snacks section, you'll find short bits and links that we just weren't able to work into the main menu over the past week. If you have ideas for material we could use in this section, please do let us know. Much of what you see in the snacks menu comes directly from readers like you! In the leftover section, we have the best of the Green Light Dhaba, for those of you who might not have seen it all.

Snacks Menu

Environmentally friendly Diwali

  • Celebrate an environmentally Safe Diwali: tips here.
  • The life and times of an Indian homemaker: post and a long reader discussion on Diwali and animals.
  • Live Mint told us last week how to part with a lakh or more for Diwali gifts that nobody with any taste wants. Ok, that may be unfair, but there is some really ugly stuff there: how about a Barbie Boom Box for your child? Only Rs. 4,199.
  • Someone at Live Mint must have felt guilty, for selling us all those Barby Boom Boxes, they ran a story about some really rich people who give to charity and other good causes at Diwali. (Arjun Sharma, the man featured in this story, is the director of this environmentally friendly place, by the way; does he really want you to stop shopping at Diwali?) To be fair, the print edition today has some great stories about organizations that really do good work. Start by reading this story about a girl from Deepalaya school.

Arts, Culture and Blogging
  • Best Blog Action Post: Bloggers all over the world wrote posts about climate change. Mostly I was underwhelmed, though I confess I only read a dozen or so. Many were full of "feel good"...feelings about making a difference and such. Word Junkie, on the other hand, put up a really detailed climate change wishlist. Then a day later, she followed it up with this piece on Genetically Modified Food and the Green Revolution. If she keeps this up, I'm just going to post links to her blog instead of writing three times a week!

Leftovers:the Best of the Dhaba, Reheated

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What's Hot:
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How the World Works, Simply:
If that's not enough for you, you can check out our posts on King Fisher beer, Shashi Tharoor, ceiling fans, and a whole lot of other stuff over at!

We hope to see you back here next week.


  1. Word Junkie's post on Gandhi was indeed quite a good find. It shows that several qualities are interconnected - ethics, sustainable living, and cheap living. One might argue that any change in one means that you can't be the other two...

  2. Thanks, I'm flattered :)

  3. @ Bhagwad--I agree.
    @ Wordjunkie--I'm glad.


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